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Christen Norris

Solid Rock, REALTORS

Christen Norris is bringing families home to the Tulsa and surrounding areas. Dedication, integrity and successful client retention has her satisfying the needs of her clients time and time again. "My first closing was for a couple who HAD to find a home in a matter of days because they had just sold their current home and had to be out in 2 weeks! We searched over 40 homes in a busy 2 days, and sure enough, we found their dream home. I spoke with them recently, and their family is growing and they're very happy making memories in that lovely home." Christen brings to her clients a true sense of friendship, because after all, finding a new home is a huge decision, and having someone at your side and ON your side to help you look at your situation objectively is essential. Christen will not only point out the positives (and the negatives) of any given property, but will equip her clients with the latest market analysis, so that her buyers never pay too much for a home, and her sellers don't waste valuable time in trying to market their home with an elevated and unrealistic price. "I am committed to be an advocate, an advisor, not just a sales person for my clients. They need to know that I'm there for them throughout the entire process, before, during and after that contract is signed."
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