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Houston’s Luxury Properties is proud to present to you our experience and unsurpassed knowledge of the Houston Real Estate market and unparalleled attention to detail with a high degree of integrity and warm personal regard for our client’s needs. Houston Luxury Properties differentiates itself from other real estate companies by having a personal interaction from the owner with a plan that is customized for each client. Larger companies boast of sales volume. Houston Luxury Properties prides itself on friends and clients for life. Twenty years of a proven track record speaks for itself. Ask any of our clients. In fact, whether we are locating properties locally or internationally, we are never happier than when we have placed a satisfied customer in the home of their dreams. Owner/Agent, Eija Watson’s success is reflected in her passion and enthusiasm for her work; the fact that she is bi-lingual and has also worked as a Real Estate Professional in Europe sets her apart. As a realtor, Eija has access to, the vast global marketplace and state of-the-art marketing tools that enable her to provide her clients with the most innovative marketing exposure possible. Finally, Eija knows what should be expected of a real estate agent as she has moved many times both internationally and within the US. Her standards are high and those are the expectations she places on herself, all of which will benefit you as her client. Premier Customer Service means that you have the drive to offer the best services for your clients and have the resources to back it up. A good example was I received a call from a young couple very late one night. The wife was in tears, the lender that they had chosen had tuned them down based upon a lower credit score. My 7:00 am the next morning I had my partner lender on the phone with them. He developed a plan to quickly clean up their credit record and was able to get them an interest rate that did not dramatically increase their monthly payment. Things like this can only be done with everyone on the team going the extra mile. Simplifying the Process means taking all of the real estate and loan language and putting it to terms that each client can comprehend. Simplifying the process means walking each client through the process and being with them each step of the way to answer questions and make them aware of potential issues if they are not addressed the proper way. Superior Market Insight means that after 20 years I am prepared to answer the in depth questions regarding neighborhoods, schools communities and the services offered by each. It may sound easy but with Houston being a city of over 606 square miles with numerous other communities surrounding it requires constant reading to keep abreast of our all things clients need to know. As someone who has moved many times both overseas and with the US, this is what I expect of my realtor. Skilled negotiations can only take place with the following Good market research Understanding the both the needs and timelines of the seller and buyer, Communicating and over communicating to client to assure that they know where they stand in every step of the process Communicating and over communicating with the realtor on the other side of the negotiating table to assure that there are never any surprises. Finally, when all of these are applied my motto is “Let’s get this done ” and we do in the vast majority of our sales.
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