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Sharon Moore

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This Chick Sells Real Estate! We believe every listed home has one chance to make its best impression. And when selling your home, the first impression MUST be its best. It's vital. Seriously. Bad pictures can make or break you. Home buyers today preview and select the homes they plan to go see by searching online. Whether searching on, Zillow or elsewhere, If a home doesn't grab a buyers attention immediately, it's swiped or deleted. Chances of the buyer making an appointment to see the house after it's been passed up are probably near zero. Let's face it- if they don't show up, they won't be buying. It really is that simple. You have to get them in the house before they'll buy it. So how do you get them in? Simple. Great pictures! How do you get great pictures? We start by considering what will be in the picture. We work closely with our clients to prepare for picture day. We offer staging services and use professional photographers for every listing. If you're thinking about selling your home, we encourage you to take some time and browse your local listings. Pay careful attention to how homes are being presented by the agents you plan to interview. Don't settle for mediocrity, it'll cost you.
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