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In Real Estate, today you have to offer more than just being able to put a sign in a yard and open a door. Clients need more from their agents in such a challenging and ever changing market. So what is it that I offer beyond opening doors & signs in yards?

Well, let's start with where I began, I was raised in a family that was self employed, therefore I was taught what it meant to give true customer service. I was self employed for many years and then I moved into the Mortgage Industry. After serving there for more than 7 years as a mortgage processor and processing manager, I took a big leap and jumped into being a Real Estate Agent. I know that my experience in the Mortgage industry allows me to serve my clients in a way that a lot of Loan Officers/Brokers wish that more Real read more Estate Agents could. For me, selling a house is more than just putting a sign in the yard. My commitment moves from more than just the opening doors, basic information, and throughing it on MLS kind of agent to a personal connection & relationship with my clients. What I do is personal. For the past 2 years my business has been purely based on referral business, family and friends. I LOVE that! That means I am doing this the way I want to, the right way. You won't get a formal presentation from me, you will get a straight forward answer as if you were a family member.

I believe we are all designed in different aspects. I was created to serve and am excited for the many opportunities to do so. So, how may I serve you today?

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